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Books by Brandi Maser - Lily's Quest (Evandra Chronicles, #1)

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Lily's Quest (Evandra Chronicles, #1) books One remarkable girl, one exciting quest, one secret that changes her life and Evandra forever Lilys ordinary life changes when her grandmother tells her that she must go to the castle and kill the evil young Queen that is corrupting the once beautiful Evandra. Of course she thinks its crazy but who wouldnt. Lily also learns that her grandmother is a witch and she may well be one too. She befriends a feisty little faerie who tags along with Lily on her journey. The two come across thieving dwarves, murderous centaurs and mysterious dragonfolk that live in a hidden colony on one of Evandras many mountains. Its because of her quest that she find out who she is truly meant to be and how exceptionally mystical Evandra actually is. Will she survive her quest? Does she have enough courage to kill the Queen? The fate of pretty much everything lies in Lilys hands

Lily's Quest (Evandra Chronicles, #1)


read online Lily's Quest (Evandra Chronicles, #1)

Lily's Quest: Evandra Chronicles


read online Lily's Quest: Evandra Chronicles
Lily's Quest (Evandra Chronicles, #1), Lily's Quest: Evandra Chronicles
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